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Extending Life Span

The inhabitants of Hachijo Island are well known for their longevity, having some of the longest life spans on earth (i.e. many commonly live well into their 90's in good health).  Ashitaba has been an integral part of their diet for hundreds of years.  When all aspects of their life style were analyzed, the researchers found that the consumption of ashitaba was a heavy contribution to their healthy, extended lives.  Even the local residents of the island refer to ashitaba as the "longevity herb."  As more research has been conducted on this special strain of angelica, ashitaba has been attracting more and more attention from the scientific community.

A Well Guarded Secret

The oldest written record of the benefits of ashitaba appear to be more than 2,000 years old.  Of the many thousands of known plants, ashitaba belongs to the elite 1% category called "medicinal plants."  In China, ashitaba has had a long history of use to purify the blood, detoxify the liver, cleanse the colon, improve lung function, enhance blood circulation, improve nerve dysfunction, and relieve muscle and joint pain.  From the Ming Dynasty to the Shogun warriors, the ashitaba plant traveled from China to Japan and was a well guarded secret of strength and longevity for hundreds of years among the elite classes of society.

New Research

Why is ashitaba such a giant among nutritional plants?  New research showed the astonishing results that ashitaba out-performed all other herbs that were tested for their antioxidant potential based on the ORAC guide (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)  published September 2002 issue of Nutraceuticals World.  Ashitaba's phenolic compounds possess various key properties:  antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumorigenic (i.e. stops tumors from growing), anti-carcinogenic (i.e. stops cancer), anti-microbial (i.e. stops infection), nerve cell growth enhancer and a detoxifier.  What an amazing list of benefits!

A Unique Super Food

Ashitaba contains a vast spectrum of beneficial properties and a unique array of phytonutrients, including 11 vitamins, 13 minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes, carotene, germanium, saponins, proteins, plant fibers, glycosides, courmarins, and a potent, rare class of flavonoids called chalcones.  Ashitaba's rich chlorophyll content helps purify the blood, detoxify the organs and alkalinize the body.  Chlorophyll is also called "green blood" because its structure is very similar to human blood.  Ashitaba's natural content of organic germanium promotes the body's production of interferon, a key defense substance against harmful viruses and bacteria.  Germanium also helps purify the blood by increasing oxygen, creating an alkaline pH and activating blood cell replacements.


As scientists began to analyze the reason for the unusual longevity of the Hachijo Island residents, they discovered that Ashitaba is the only plant known to contain chalcones, a class of potent flavonoid compounds.  The chalcones in ashitaba include xanthoangeol, xanthoangelol E and 4-hydroxyderricin.  Clinical trials performed on chalcones confirm that they are potent antioxidants which help to protect the organs from destructive free radical damage and slow the aging process on a cellular level.  Extensive research has shown chalcones are also anti-infective, working to prevent pathogens from entering the cells.  Chalcones have been proven to work on the mucus membrane of the stomach and suppress excessive secretion of gastric juice.  They give rise to ashitaba's use as a natural diuretic, laxative and a superb aid to healthy metabolism.  Chalcones were also found to inhibit general inflammatory processes in the body which is true of all flavonoids.

Other Compounds in Ashitaba

  • Coumarins - Ashitaba also contains coumarins (including psoralen, imperatorin, columbianagin, isorhazelpitin, rhazelpiton, selinidin), a class of widely occurring phenolic compounds, such as found in citrus fruits.  Coumarins are being studied for their potential anticarcinogenic properties and preclinical studies show promising effects against skin tumorigenesis.  (Cai, Y, Kleiner H, Johnston D, Dubowski A, Bostic S, IVie W, DiGiovanni J. "effect of naturally occurring coumarins on the formation of DMA adducts and tumors induced by benzo[a]pyrene and 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene in skin. Car-cinogenesis 18:1521-1527, 1997)
  • 4-hydrodexydelisin glycosides - Ashitaba contains unique glycosides called isoquercitin, ruteorin, angelic acid and bergapten.
  • Melatonin - Ashitaba contains a significant amount of melatonin, a well known antioxidant with benefits of calming the body, stress reduction, anti-aging and anti-carcinogenic properties.
  • Natural vitamins & minerals - Ashitaba contains a wealth of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, including beta-carotene, vitamin C, calcium, iron and potassium.  Ashitaba also contains vitamin B12, not typically produced in plants.  Vitamin B12 has been recognized for its ability to promote the production of blood cells, increase attention span and concentration, increase the production of growth hormone and promote the integrity of the immune system.

What is the nanization process?

The herbal complexes in HM Detox-ND have gone through a proprietary process to break down their components into "nanized" phytonutrients.  This means that the herbal complex has been micro-digested into extremely small, highly bio-available particles using Quantum Nutrition Labs' special fermentation process.  Unique, potent multi-strain probiotic colonies are used to assist in the "nanization" process.  This allows rapid, unmatched bio-available cellular delivery of the herbal complex's healing factors, unlike any other product.  Most people can feel the effect of these products the first time they take them.

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